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Entry #1

Yay, my first true submission!

2012-10-03 07:54:36 by Bloodnut101

Fucking finally, I went through the effort to make my first real submission to this damned site that I've lolled over for so long. *sigh* Why did it take me so long?

But any-whore, enough about that: I'm not going to stop there. I want everyone of my followers *looks at fans number*... fuck. Well, any-slut, I want everyone to know that I'm going to add voice acting submissions, too, so be prepared for that. So yeah. Oh, and here's my e-mail, too, for anyone who uses that so they can contact me to discuss necessities and shit.

Yes, it's a gmail. So fucking what?

And yeah. There you go.


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2012-10-03 11:02:13

If you want collaborators, you should probably think about speaking more professionally.

Bloodnut101 responds:

Heh, it was my first real use of the news feature and looking back I did go a bit overboard. But I'll remember that in the future, thanks.